Right after winter, gardens and yards need a lot of clean up. Most branches are dead and with spring approaching, lots of leaves are shed. Pruning away the dead branches and cutting back the perennials is some of the work that goes into yard cleaning.

We offer you unbeatable yard clean-up New Jersey that is centered on expertise. We handle all your dirty yard work and leave you a clean happy home that is attractive and serene.

Our yard clean-up services include:
  • Pruning away dead trees and shrubs – Shrubs and trees that have been damaged by snow, wind or cold ought to be removed in order for the remaining tree to thrive. We prune all kinds of trees using handsaws that are fit for the trees. We shape hedges, prune shrubs and trim overgrown hedges back to the preferred size. We are all handy when it comes to making the nature that surrounds you beautiful. We also work with flowering perennials that ought to be pruned and separated in case they are in crowded beds.
  • Cleaning up all around the plants – Raking out fallen leaves is another task that we can happily do to ensure your grass, flower beds, and all plants are left clean. We carry out removal of unwanted dead matter that is turned into compost manure to feed your plants in future. With all the fallen leaves raked, this is an opportune time to input the nutrients of your choice into the plants and adjust any drips that may have become loose in preparation for watering your plants again. We also ensure that your flower beds and borders are all leveled back up and old flowers removed to make room for new flowers.
  • Neaten up the hard surfaces – The patios, concrete walkways, and driveways also need maximum care. We rake escaped gravel back to where it belongs and clean up all the hard surfaces of the dead matter. We refill all the joints in between the flagstones by sweeping the new sand back and watering with a hose to keep it intact. We also clean all the patios and concrete walkways that have become home to the slippery algae or dead leaf stains.

The list of yard clean-up services is endless. Each home has different needs and we are flexible enough to handle each task according to your specifications. Talk to us today for all your yard cleaning needs!