Whether it’s a new or old window, installation is the same – it takes work and space. Windows are sensitive as they allow air to flow in and out of our homes. They also provide beautiful views from the comfort of our homes of what is going on outside.

These important factors must therefore be backed up by a strong window that is properly fixed. For all your window installs New Jersey, we are available to listen to your needs and install them as you like.

Our many years of professional expertise have given us the know-how of using the right tools to ensure every window is securely fixed in place and does not move around. We are able to carry out any of the two installations; pocket and frame installation.

  • Pocket installation – We offer this kind of installation that is categorized by the open window space that has been left blank. The new window being installed must therefore perfectly fit within the frame provided. We enjoy carrying out pocket installations because they are easy and quick to install.
  • Full frame installation – We are well experienced in full frame window installation that is characterized by the removal of the old existing window and replacing it with a new one. Our window replacement New Jersey services are heavily sought after as we are able to carefully inspect the opening for any rot or pest infestation as well as treat the area. We also work on the replacement installation to ensure it gives the required light levels, views, etc. as preferred.
Before we undertake any installation, we want you to know a few things:
  • We only schedule the installation at your convenience – You are our customer. Therefore, we work with your schedule. If you are having all the windows in your house installed, then you can make more time to have the whole task done at once. We like fitting our work within the availability of the customer to make them feel comfortable and not rush our work.
  • Window installation can be messy – We work very hard to ensure that your house is left free of any mess but sometimes it is hard to control it. It is advisable to remove all the furniture, blinds, curtains, etc. from the window area to keep the mess from spreading to other items. However, we have always maintained a record of keeping to a tidy working area.