Sheetrock is often confused by many with drywall. Yes, the truth is that all sheetrock is drywall but not all drywall is sheetrock – this is where many are confused. Sheetrock is a trademark from the US Gypsum company that comes in many different thickness sizes.

We are the best sheetrock installer New Jersey and we provide both advice and installation services. You can get any professional sheetrock installation advice and help from us. We have the right tools and accessories that are required to undertake the installation without damaging the material.

Our many years of experience give us knowledge on the fundamentals of installing the sheetrock that allows us to handle the job with confidence. Sheetrock or drywall is the most sensitive building material you will ever come across. This tells you that even a slight mistake could render the sheetrock damaged for the task.

We are armed not just with expertise but well-trained experts who have a strong back to hold on to the sheetrock and install it the correct way. We also use a taping method to ensure we have a flawless finishing. Taping means filling up the fastener holes, joints, and angles and then sanding it for a smooth finish.

Poor installation of the sheetrock will not allow a proper sanding and therefore, the end results will be poor. We always make sure we use a smooth surface with no nails popping out. If the wall is not ready for the sheetrock, it is our responsibility to prepare it for the task before we install it.

We do not use nails in our installation at all but rather, we use selective screws that hold the rock firmly to the framing. Nails do a lot of damage on the face and are less likely to fasten it deep enough. They also clearly show after you apply the final coat of paint.

You cannot go wrong with our sheetrock contractors New Jersey. We have a work ethic that speaks for itself due to the great final results that we provide our clients with. We also work on drywall if that’s your preferred kind of sheetrock and still give you the desired outcome.

Many times, sheetrock installation is coupled with messy workspace and results but not for us. We have always strived to keep a clean workspace as well as give the best results that last long and satisfy our customers.