The roof is the protector of everything in your home or office and it deserves the best care. Choosing the right kind of roof and keeping it well maintained will help you save a lot on unnecessary costs and losses.

We, Roofing Contractors South Jersey and New Jersey, are here to ensure that your roof serves you best in all seasons. In our many years of experience, we have noticed that many people will spend big on installing the best roof but never maintain it often as it needs.

We advise everyone to carry out regular roof checks, repairs and maintenance to ensure proper care is maintained. Regular can be yearly or at the end of every season as you choose – we can help you schedule and plan for one when it’s required. What roof checks are we talking about?

  • Cleaning off the debris and any kind of dirt – We clean off the dirt and debris which hold water, causing rot and deterioration in areas where the roof is joined or in pipes, chimneys, etc.
  • Inspecting, cleaning and securing the gutters – We inspect your gutters to ensure they have not developed any holes in them and replace them if need be. We also clean off all the dirt that has accumulated with time.
  • Prune overhanging branches that hang over the roof – As one of the most efficient roofing companies NJ, we ensure that your roof is free of overhanging branches that keep rubbing on it. We also prune them to prevent small predators like snakes, wild cats, and squirrels from invading your house.
  • Securing old and loose shingle tabs – We use roof cement to secure the loose shingles and if completely damaged, we replace them with new ones.
Why do we carry out regular roof inspection?

Most roof inspections have revealed a roof that needs total replacement – Most people who do not care to carry out thorough professional inspections regularly end up discovering bigger problems than they thought they had when the inspection is finally carried out. Ask our general contractor NJ and they will tell you the amount of damage they have found in most homes due to neglect.

Instead of spending $50 on roof inspections, most end up paying $500 or more on roof replacements depending on the level of the damage caused. Our greatest advice to every homeowner is not to delay an inspection because you are only looking for more trouble. Don’t be caught unawares!