Field Maintenance

Each year, every home should undergo a ritual known as winterization. This is a priority for all the homes that are located in states where frost levels are high and extend deep into the installed pipes.

Field services, New Jersey not only takes care of your lawn maintenance but also undertakes the professional services of winterization that will help save your home after the heavy frost.

Why winterize your home?

  • To safeguard your pipes from expanding and cracking – In regions where you are expecting heavy frost, we help you safeguard your pipes by draining all the water from the water system before the onset of the frost. This is to eliminate any dangers of freezing, expanding and cracking of the PVC piping that is usually highly affected by frost.
  • To fit the right kind of pipes that work better under pressure– If you have faced
    the danger of cracked pipes in the past, we work with you to give your piping a better standard. By installing polyethylene pipes which are able to withstand more pressure than the PVC pipes. These pipes though they withstand pressure they can also crack if they are not drained properly and water freezes inside them.

Generally, when we carry out winterization in your home, we minimize the risk of freeze damage to your irrigation system using either a manual drain method, auto drain or blow out.

Winterization using a blowout method

Blow out is the method we use commonly when we don’t know your system type. The blow out method uses compressed air which is at a very high pressure that sweeps clean the pipes leaving no traces of water no matter how small.

To effectively carry out the blow out process, we ensure that the water source is completely turned off to give us time to blow out all the remaining water without more trickling into the pipes.

We advise everyone to seek professional services in carrying out home winterization because it’s a dangerous process that only experts understand how to carry it out effectively. Compressed air could turn dangerous if used wrongly, that’s why it’s best to consult the experts.

Additional services

Our field service maintenance NJ comprises of a professional team that not only undertakes this process to winterize your home but they also carry out other services like lock changes, lawn care as well as any other field emergency services that your home may require.